Book Review # 59 – The Gull Next Door

The Gull Next Door

A Portrait of a misunderstood Bird


Marianne Taylor


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

The author, Marianne Taylor wrote this book taking a different approach about Gulls. She practically walks us through her biography tells us about important history about the area where she lived, also towns surrounding it.

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The different species of gulls were always present during her growing up. Marianne blends her own experiences with the occurring irregularities with gull’s behavior and the problem solving but the UK at the time. She became deeply interested in gulls, she paid attention to certain problems with these birds, which she describes with detail and confidence. She also writes in detail, descriptions of Britain’s gulls.
This book has 192 pages.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – October 11th, 2020

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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