Book Reviews # 69


A Celebration of Nature’s Jewels


Glenn Bartley and Andy Swash


A stunningly illustrated guide to the wonderful world of hummingbirds

Princeton University Press


Published: July 19th, 2022

Pages: 288

Brief Review:

This illustration guide is wonderful for someone that have seen or heard of hummingbirds., Glenn Bartley and Andy Swash have created magic with this book.550 photos in color they show right out the beauty of the tiny birds, Not only they are giving our eyes what these birds can look like but a whole amount of information about them, such as:

  • Color and iridescence.
  • Breeding.
  • Biogeography and Biodiversity.
  • Hummingbirds and People.
  • Coservation.
  • Taxonomy.

There’s plenty to see, admire and read in this guide, I was longing for one like this one, since I simple love this birds whe I see them daily in my backyard. I recomend all my friends to buy this guide.

Reviewed by: 

H.J. Ruiz – – 16th, 2022

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