Photography of Birds – Set # 20

Set # 20

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

The Turkey Vulture, after some wing flaps, picked up a thermal air current and soared high. Then, without any effort circled over a vast area, looking for any carrion to be his next meal. The background mountains are part of the Andes in Mejia, Arequipa, Peru.

Peruvian Thick Knee

Peruvian Thick Knee

Peruvian Thick Knee

These birds I didn’t see for many years, The Peruvian Thick Knee is found in South America in the coastal strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. Its range extends from northern Chile, through Peru to southern Ecuador. Its typical habitat is semi-desert areas, agricultural land, dry pasture or well-vegetated river valleys. It particularly favours open crops such as alfalfa or corn.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “Photography of Birds – Set # 20

  1. The Peruvian Thick-knees are my favourite today, H.J – thanks for introducing me to them! We have two species of Thick-knee here – in Afrikaans we call them Dikkoppe; meaning “Big heads” which to me seems more appropriate than Thick-knee.

    • There’s something about birds, although they are in different Continents, at one remote time were possibly only one species. They spread around the world and after thousands of years, they mutated certain characteristics and adapted to the adopted locations. Thank you, D. 🙂

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