Special places # 110


Photo Gallery

1 – Solitary Elk looking for food at a wood in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

2 – The always hungry Squirrel ready to raid the bird feeders, at my backyard in Georgia.

3 – This Chipmunk is gathering seeds until his cheeks are filled up, on my backyard’s deck in Georgia.

4 – This snake, I know is poisonous but I don’t remember the name. Shot was taken in the way to a waterfall.

5 – This field Vole also looking for food, in my backyard. Georgia.

6 – The Llama is feeding on olives in a patch of olive trees, in Peru.

7 – This handsome Lizard (I don’t know the type) I saw on a fence rail in Sarasota, Florida.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “Special places # 110

  1. When I lived in Eastern Canada, we had black squirrels and grey squirrels. Would this be a Grey squirrel? I love Chipmunks, but this a different variety from ours. We have least Chipmunks. The snake I would be wary of, especially if it is poisonous.Nice to see all of the photos you have taken.

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