Book Review # 67

How Birds Live Together

Colonies and Communities in the Avian World


Marianne Taylor


Princeton University Press


Publish: May 10, 2022

Pages: 223

Brief Review:

The Author, Marianne Taylor has written thirty books about birds, this one she has described clearly what motivates the birds to fom goups and seek the best place to have thei nests as a group that can reach many thousands. It actually the same as humans got together in groups and founded cities to take advantage of what produced in the area for nourishment and keep their survival. There is no place in the world where the birds are not there, unless is totally  barren. As remote as you might think a place is, there are birds there. Now days, you may find birds in:  

  • Beaches 
  • Cities, 
  • High rises
  • Parks 
  • Inland waterfronts 
  • Remote islands 
  • Swamps 
  • Salt marshes 
  • Rain forests 
  • Woods 
  • North and South poles 
  • High in the Andes 
  • All Continents.

The groups of birds have grown in every place on Earth. Of course they have, according to species, different forms, shapes sizes and behavior but all are based by the same instinctive idea of forming groups. This book makes you think, and understand that there is not much difference of how humans started too.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

April 14th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Book Review # 67

  1. It is interesting how parallel birds are in their lives to us HJ, and observation and behaviour studies are showing this to be true, as we have in our own studies of bird behaviour.

    • Your assertion makes a lot of sense to me., besides, birds were on earth before humans. Thank you, Ashley. 🙂

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