Book Review # 56 – Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds

Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds

An Identification Guide.


Phil Gregory – Illustrated by Richard Allen


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

“I’m totally convinced about one thing, most people have seen one time or another, videos on TV, about the most exotic birds with splendid plumages and intricate nest building, Also, their mating rituals are completely out of the regular trends.

Mr.Phil Gregory has written a book… An Identification Guide about the birds mentioned above. One by one, the birds are described in detail, with every pertaining information about the specie, There are 40 color plates, illustrations by Richard Allen. Added to these are 151 color photographs and 77 maps. Having a total of 416 pages, this guide has a tremendous amount of information gathered by Mr. Phil Gregory after many years of his observation. He has achieved a goal, to create a comprehensive guide for all, professionals to serious amateurs. I agree, he has done that, indeed.



Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – March 26th, 2020


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