Book Review # 55 – British Birds

British Birds

A Pocket Guide

Author (s):

Rob Hume, Robert Still, Andy swash, Hugh Harrop and David Tipling.


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

What a delightful pocket guide this is.  Let me tell you what you will find in the 272 pages:

1600 color illustrations.

248 maps.

More Info.

259 silhouettes.

This guide clearly has given great importance to help achieve a quick process for identifying the different species of birds. The authors have separated the species in similar groups, based according to size and behavior. 

Each of the 248 species listed in the guide is described in a clear and comprehensive way. Part of the identification  information includes the following:

  • Name, scientific name. 
  • Size.
  • Inflight.
  • Voice.
  • Comparison spreads and tables.
  • Image annotations and labels.
  • Status.
  • Observation tips.
  • Maps.

This pocket guide has a lot to offer to birdwatchers at all levels. I believe that it will be an essential guide to carry when bird watching in Great Britain.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – – September 27th,  2019

4 thoughts on “Book Review # 55 – British Birds

  1. Thanks for this. Princeton UP does these books so well. In a saturated avian market, new approaches are still being found. Bird books of 10 – 15 years ago already look dated (and the pics are notably less good). This looks VG – I’m getting one…

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