Avians and Art?

A number of times I’ve mentioned that I’m a photographer and artist. I’ve been neglecting my artist life for long time and that’s not a good thing. I have been so busy and excited with Photography that for a long period of time I haven’t even touched a brush once.

One of my ideas is to utilize my bird blog and spike it with my drawings and painting only that now I will be working on birds as subjects.

Another idea was to take a sabbatical at the end of the sum mer so I could work on my art work.

I do like the first idea because I could continue posting my photos of birds but also post my art work, what ever my work will produce.

Birds as subjects of my art work have never been my schedule. In my mind birds are perfect for photography, so by way of using them as subjects will amount to a great challenge for me. Somehow I always get into new challenges, I just hope that I won’t fail with this one. I go where my mind takes me!

I’ve been doing a bit of art work on the past few days, now since the weather is too hot and the sun too bright for good pictures.

Here are some simple samples of what I’ve done: You’re free to make your comments and ask your questions!

“Carolina Chickadee” – Sketched on blue ink on drawing paper, bamboo reed pen.
6×8 inches 80 lbs.  natural white paper (Yellowing is not on the paper, it’s caused by scanner)

“American Crow” – Sketched on blue ink on drawing paper, bamboo reed pen.
6×8 inches 80 lbs.  natural white paper (Yellowing is not on the paper, it’s caused by scanner)

“European Starling” – Sketched on blue ink on drawing paper, bamboo reed pen.
6×8 inches 80 lbs. natural white paper (Yellowing is not on the paper, it’s caused by scanner)

“Song Sparrow and wooden box” – Oil on canvas, 8×10 inches – Work in progress.

Important Note: The images and art work displayed are property and © H.J. Ruiz. Do not copy or reproduce.

20 thoughts on “Avians and Art?

  1. Love these! I think that interspersing your photos with your own artistic interpretations is a wonderful idea! American crow is my favorite, but then, Crow is an old friend of mine. Also love the last drawing.

    • Thank you Amy, the 3 first are only sketches, the oil paint is not finished yet. The sketches I did using a chinese bamboo reed pen and a blue old Italian calligraphy ink on drawing paper. I have to loosen up my wrist movement, it’s been months that I haven’t drawer or painted. 🙂

      • Well, I would say you need to spend some time building up some muscle strength again… I’ve not drawn or painted in months either, I tried to write my name & my penmanship was shaky. Shocking how much muscle we build doing something over & over. Sad, how fast we loss it.

  2. Wonderful sketches and painting, H.J.! You are making the most of photography downtime. I know what you mean about the bright sun and heat. I have also been waiting for cooler weather before venturing out with my camera.

  3. WOW! Nice…I thought the yellowing in the scanned sketches was on purpose. …a happy accident? …. it looks like a wash of the color of their natural habitat. Your sketch-work is stunning!

    • Thank you Diva! All my sketches are “a la prima”, No eraser or mixed colors.
      Later I’ll do mix media like ink or graphite with watercolor washes, or conte crayon and charcoal etc. Oil paintings are the valuable ones and take more work! I’m glad that my bird art is being accepted well. 🙂

  4. You are a man of many talents!!! Great work and I had know idea you sketched. Maybe I missed a few of your posts? Keep them coming. They are a great addition to your photography!

    • Thank you! Yes I did all my life but it’s the first time I venture to sketch birds.
      No, you didn’t miss any because it is the first time I included my new sketches. 🙂

    • It’s actually the first time I post sketches in my blog, it’s also the first time that I venture to sketch birds. thank you for your comment! 🙂

  5. How wonderful HJ, another great talent, thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to you posting more of your artwork. You definitely have plenty of bird models to pose for you in your backyard, and I know they’d be more than happy to oblige! 🙂 Do you sketch from your photos or while watching them at the feeders & from your mind?

    • I paint from my own pictures and memory. Of course I’ll continue to post my sketches and paintings. I’m exercising my hands to loosen up the muscles and tendons, it’s been months that I haven done art. Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂

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