To all my friends:

Dear Friends: 

I’m going to have an absence of about three weeks for the following reason. I’ve been going with my wife to the Doctor because she wasn’t feeling well, after so many tests while in a hospital, she was operated for a Colonoscopy because she has a cancerous mass in the colon. Now she will have to see an Oncologist Specialist, for Radiation and possible surgery afterward. She is seriously very  delicate now.

I need all of my time to take care of her and my son Tyler.

Thank you,

HJ Ruiz – Avian101

26 thoughts on “IMPORTANT MESSAGE

  1. Dear H.J. Healing wishes for your wife as she navigates her health issues with minimal pain – physical and emotional. And strength to you and your son as you each shepherd her through the scary days ahead.

    • Hit submit too soon, sorry. I’m hoping for the best possible outcome for your wife and hope that you and she can find reassurance from the medical experts providing care. Don’t worry about the blog – your family comes first.

  2. Oh HJ, don’t worry about the blog. Your family comes first. Wade and I are thinking of you and hope your wife’s treatment goes as well as possible. We know it is never easy but positivity is important. Take care of her, Tyler and yourself, HJ. Love – Chris

  3. Sorry to be so late – I missed this post and then have missed hearing from you. I hope your wife is recovering well. Take your time. Sending loving thoughts.

  4. Dearest HJ> I’ve just read this post and want to let you know that I’m thinking of your wife, and I’m keeping her – and you, and your son – in my prayers. May she have a speedy and full healing and recovery.

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