Special Places # 120

Photo Art by HJ

Photo Gallery

1 – Scene of Lake Sequoyah during Autumn, North Carolina.

2 – Large Bridge leading to city of Brunswick from Jekyll Island, at sundown.

3 – Part of Lake Powell seen from the elevated ridge at edge of lake.

4 – Part of the Erie Canal at New Hope Town in Pennsylvania.

5 – One of several coves found in Pensacola, Florida.

6 – One of many lagoons atYellowstone Nat. Park were boiling minerals water flows and the steam floats in the air, in Wyoming

7 – This is part of the Water Reservoir located at Whitney Point Lake in Upstate New York.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

20 thoughts on “Special Places # 120

  1. These really are special places, H.J. Each photo imbues serenity and demonstrates the specialness of that place. I have been on the lovely Sidney Lanier Bridge and your photo is excellent, you can even see the sun reflecting in the water’s waves. And lovely colors in the water in Pensacola, too. Terrific Yellowstone photo, with the steam. Cheers to all the special places on our planet.

      • Our Lake Mead has not been at full pond since the early 1980s because of the continued drought. Very sad and dangerous. It is so low that people’s bodies have been found in the lake in steel barrels. The Mob was here. So disgusting.

      • I saw a video about Lake Meade that is almost dried completely. They have lots of boats that sank, they found, so much junk from the years when it was created. Tnank you, John. 🙂

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