Selected Gallery of Birds # 8

Indigo Bunting – Passerina cyanea

Indigo Bunting - Passerina cyanea

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “Selected Gallery of Birds # 8

  1. I’ve seen an Indigo bunting only twice: one day each, in two years. They’re beautiful birds, for sure. I have a friend who once saw Indigo Buntings and Cardinals together, years and years ago. What a sight that would have been!

  2. I live in south Florida and I’ve noticed, as the months go by, I’m seeing less and less bird activity. We are about down to having visits from ibis after our lawns get mowed, and that’s about it. Any clue?

    • I live in Ocala, FL, I have noticed the same occurrence and the only thing I came out from data, is the change of patterns on migrations flyways because of the inclement weather conditions. Birds genetically sense the calls for migration, but the weather make the changes otherwise they all would perish. I imagine that they possibly are going further South to Central America or South America. I’ve seen flocks of Robins, Grackles, I also noticed numbers of wading birds. Thank you, GP. 🙂

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