Special Places # 118

The Remote Amazon – Part # 3 Final

Photo Gallery

1 – & 2 – After long hike we utilized makeshift native bridges to cross canals on the way to the tribes in different directions.

3 – The guides would bring us to quarters before sundown and many times we’d get to quarters in total obscurity. We would calculate if there was a storm brewing and depart early. Sunsets were so beautiful!

4 – These were part of the quarters, too.

5 – Natives started building houses instead of huts, learned to build more solid homes.

6 – This are people that live in the wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest. This woman is dressed the way of their tribe. She tries to trade with foreigners for anything that she’d like or use. Like hats, pins, combs, lighters, matches etc.

7 – There is a typical house where a family of natives of the Amazon live, including children. Their main goal is to survive, learning to hunt, fish and recognize what plants are medicine when they get sick. Now, they have a chance to learn how to communicate, read, write, Science, Math, etc. And integrate the rest of the world. This people are fast learners, many by now have part of the professional civilians, have businesses. However there are many tribes that never have seen any other people, yet. Only rivals from other tribes.

8 – There’s a difference when people advance their intellect. Example: The tribe used to only climb in the mud up from their canoes to the edge of rivers or canals. Now their are mackinaw things easier by building stairs.

9 – Some natives do not want to learn new things, however, they move closer to to civilization and for chanty towns.

10 – Near the Capital (Iquitos) there is a large area where many natives, although they moved to the city, they enjoy the modern things but dedicate only to be laborers and do not show interest in the future.

11 – Finally, this a picture when I was returning home from the quarters. From Iquitos to Lima and from there to USA

NOTE: These was what I think it solidified my love for Nature and G-d. It was very meaningful to me. I just hope that my experiences had been entertaining. I have seen a lot while being in the Amazon. Thank you very much for your patience. — H.J.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “Special Places # 118

  1. We visited the Amazon in Peru 15 years ago and then Brazil this year. The buildings, boats etc in Peru were much more rustic like your pictures show. In Brazil the villages are more modern. I was wondering when these pictures were taken and how much it changed since we visited. Maggie

    • In Peru other than Iquitos(Modern city, capital of Loreto) there is no other developed city. You have to understand that Brazil is a very large territory which is most of it Rainforest, has progressed much more. The pictures were taken long before 15 years ago. Thank you so much, Maggie. 🙂

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