Special Places # 117

Cadiz – Spain

Photo Gallery

1 – Cargo ships from all the world ready to enter the Cadiz Port to unload, also to load. View at sunset in this busy port.

2 – Strong walls at the fortified old City.

3 – A monument in a park in the old city.

4 – The gate, entrance to the Old City, well fortified for era.

5 – Inside the walls of the fortfied Old City, just around a plaza where famous composer of Music Manuel de Falla was born.

6 – Other installations for the Port, also plenty of Industry, modern housing, and business.

7 – La Catedral Vieja ( The Old Cathedral). Cadiz actually has two cathedrals that are located just a few minutes walk from one another. The Catedral Vieja (old cathedral), whose official name is Parroquia de Santa Cruz, was built by King Alfonso X in 1262. It is believed that is was erected directly on top of a mosque from the time when the Moors ruled the Spanish peninsula.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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