Special Places # 115

The Remote Amazon Rainforest – Part # 2 of 3

Photo Gallery

1 – From the edge of the Amazon River up on the cliff, you can see the mighty flow of water greater than any river in the world.

2 – View of dark clouds of potential heavy rain, this scene is typical of the Amazon Rainforest.

3 – Rain falls at the distance, copious rain, that helps grow more vegetation and fills the rivers with more water.

4 – After the rain and the sun breaks out between the clouds, the river waters turn to milky chocolate color.

5 – The large boats transport people daily to the city Capital, Iquitos.

6 – This was a place near a canal where you could enjoy a bit of sun tan or splash on your free days. (It had very fine sand not very large area.

7 – Usual happening: docked canoes will fill with water after rain. You have to bring it to ground and turn it over.

NOTE: I spent two years employed by the Government of Peru, helping and teaching natives better ways to have a future, learning and educating themselves. I worked with a group of people from different countries such as USA, Canada, France and Peruvians from Lima. I worked as a Psychoanalyst and Linguist. English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “Special Places # 115

  1. I really loved going to the Amazon here with you, H.J. Your photos capture the magnificence of this river and the storms and environment so well. Merry Christmas, my friend, to you and your family.

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