My Photos of Birds # 29



Imagine this: I had an appointment with my new primary MD for semestral check-up and then when I returned, these tthree Sandhill Cranes where on my front lawn. I was real elated to see this! Of course, I grabbed my camera before they flew away. I went outside and started to shoot my camera. In my mind I had the idea to lure them to stay longer. I asked my son Tyler to bring some seeds for birds. on the driveway of my garages. Just walk casually and don’t look at their eyes, but make sure that they see you place the seeds, then retreat back. They made sure we were at a safe distance, and one by one decided to venture…They loved the seeds! Next refills, we approached closer, they didn’t mind at all. These “three musketeers” stayed for over two hours! You have to chance to see me on the last photo, fully retired and a bit overweight, I’m sporting a full beard too. – H.J.

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “My Photos of Birds # 29

  1. So. While I spend hours driving back roads and visiting nature preserves hoping for just a glimpse of these birds (which I hear on a daily basis, but never see), here you are: feeding them on your driveway. Good gracious!

    • You are funny, Linda! They did that for about 4 days, coming twice a day, started by 2, then 3 until 7! and they brought about a dozen ibis along with them! I had to publish this on my blog… Thank you, dear.! 🙂

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