Special Places # 106


Photo Gallery

1 – “En route” to Tampa Bay, road on the west coast of Florida nearing a pleasure and calm sunset.

2 – View from the South Ridge of The Grand Canyon in Arizona.

3 – This shot was taken in the Loop of Chicago, notice the reflection from the street, in Illinois.

4 – This shot was taken at night in Pensacola Beach. This a Bar-Restaurant with a Troller Ship, sitting on land as an attraction. In Florida

5 – This is gorgeous Water Fountain in front of a Marina in Lake Michigan Bay, Chicago, Illinois.

6- This shot was taken in a bend of the Rockaway River, where aficionado fishermen wish to fish so me rainbow trout. In Rockaway, New Jersey.

7 – The scene was shot in front of a pond in the backyard of a beautiful house, in the town of Whitney Point, Upstate New York.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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