My Photos of Birds # 17

Hello, my dear friends,

We have finally moved from Georgia to Florida! I’ve forgotten how difficult is it to move a home to a different State, it was 15 years when we moved from New Jersey to Georgia. But we did it! We are happy with the move because it is healthier for me in a climate a bit warmer for my poor back, however, I’m feeling very well now and very active indeed. Tyler, my son is in a new School already, Lucy is elated with all the new decorating of our new home, I’m working all day to make sure we are comfortable and pleased with what we have. We are living in the SE of Ocala, in Florida. This is the Marion County, which is very pleasant and beautiful, we live only about two blocks from a great lake. I’ve met some of my neighbors and they are very friendly.

We have everything we want  or need from the gigantic stores with an easy drive.

As I told you, I’m so busy that is not funny, still unpacking boxes and trying to fit the items in the right places, my wife has a long list for things to do daily. I think I’m going to need another week of vacation.

For today, I will give you an idea of what my last day of photographing in Georgia and some of my new location. Then I’ll prepare something for Saturday. I hope that you’ll continue to visit my blog as it was before.

– H.J. Ruiz


These photos were the last I shot in my backyard in Georgia, the moving day!

Have a peek at my new home.

© Avian101 – HJRuiz

34 thoughts on “My Photos of Birds # 17

  1. Great compilation of birds! I saw, with some humour, that you had a few Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbird, in the south! The new house looks comfortable and am sure you will have the feeders set up in the new location. with those trees. I look forward to new photos from Florida but don’t overdo it!

    • Oh, no! I won’t over do it…Remember, all the Northern birds come to Florida to spend some time in the good weather. Thank you, Jane, great to hear from you. 🙂

      • Florida is a great place to live, I lived in Dunedin in the 90s. We left after that “storm of the century” or something like that, flooded our home. We lost everything except our daughter who is now married. I would still move there, but only to a home that is proven to not be in a flood zone and a home that meets my standards for hurricane survival.

      • I suggest that you look up to where Ocala is located in Florida. I too lived in FL in the 70s but in Hollywood. 🙂

    • Thank you for your great wishes, D. we are very happy with our new home in Florida. I’ll be setting new feeders at home, but the chances are that I will see more birds in other places nearby,. Will see how it works. I’ll figure it out. 🙂

  2. Oh H.J., I’m so happy for you. I enjoyed the photos of your GA birds and other creatures, and can imagine it was difficult to say goodbye to them. But I am glad you have a wonderful new home and that you and your family are settling in. I enjoyed the photos of your new house and grapefruit, and wish you the very best in your new home.

  3. Sorry to be late catching up with you. Your new home looks wonderful and I’m sure you will have no problem finding birds. Thanks for the goodbye photos of your Georgia bird friends. I’m sure they miss you. 🙂

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