Book Review # 68


Of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East


Peter Adriaens, Mars Muusse, Philippe J. Dubois, and Frederic Jiguet


An Identification Guide

Princeton University Press


Published: April 5th, 2022

Pages: 320

Brief Review:

This Identification Guide, created by Peter Adriaens, Mars Muusse, Philippe J. Dubois and Frederic Jiguet. It is a very difficult task, when you have to sort out among thousands of sea birds. Just think that before becoming adults they go though stages called cycles: First, Second Third and Fourth. For each of the cycles, the bird changes in coloration, patterns and perhaps size. Believe me when I say it is difficult to identify and be certain of their IDs with gulls. Our friends the authors will help you how do the right things:

  • Size of the gull: Small, medium or larg
  • Holistic or Analytical comparisons.
  • Observing every inch of the bird, upper-parts, wings, any feathers arranged in rows, or the primaries of the wing.
  • Aging – Small gulls, Medium gulls and large gulls.
  • They touch the Molt period for gulls for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Adult Cycle. Plus exceptions and Final comments on Molt. Then we have an extensive description of many species of gulls with everything that you need to know for identification. This Guide has 1200 photographs plus illustrations, easy for ID. The guide is of great help for any person with interest, whether you are a professional or an amateur. I recommend it to have it in your birder library.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – – May 19th, 2022

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