Special Places # 68

Photo Art by H.J. Ruiz

1 – Top Left – First tier: Young man performing for passerby’s in Central Park, New York.

2 – Top Left – Second tier: One of the most beautiful sceneries in USA, the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming.

3 – Top Right : Hot air balloons getting ready to elevate in Glenn Falls, upstate New York.

4 – Bottom Left: Old barns , part of a farm on the rolling hills in Broome County, upstate New York.

5 – Bottom Right – First tier: Erosion over time created on sandstone the named “Three little pigs”. they are part of the many different shapes formed in the Devil’s Garden in Escalante, Utah.

6 – Bottom Right – Second tier: A very old Juniper tree at the edge of South Rim, Grand Canyon in Arizona.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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