Special Places # 65

Spain – Part # 3

Photo Gallery

1 -2 – 3 – Top Row: Fishermen at Toledo’s River. Ceramics at store in Toledo’s Old Town.

4 – 5 – 6 – Second Row + 1: Colored glass window in the”Mezquita”. The Great Mosque was constructed on the orders of Abd ar-Rahman I in 785 CE, when Córdoba was the Capital of the Muslim-controlled region of Al-Andalus. It was expanded multiple times afterwards under Abd ar-Rahman’s successors up to the late 10th century. Among the most notable additions, Abd ar-Rahman III added a minaret (finished in 958) and his son Al-Hakam II added a richly-decorated new mihrab and maqsura section (finished in 971). The mosque was converted to a cathedral in 1236 when Córdoba was captured by the Christian forces of Castile during the Reconquista. This ancient Olive tree has more than a thousand year old, it remains outside the Mosque. View of the Guadalquivil River with old stone bridges on the background.

7 – 8 – Third Row: Bronze water fountain depicting children at play in great Plaza del Pilar, also, man walking up in front of a gorgeous door in Zaragoza.

9 – Bottom Row – First column: The Puerta de Alcala monument in the Plaza de la Independencia (Independence Square) in Madrid, Spain.

10 – Bottom Row- Second column: Water fountain inside of an ancient Cathedral in Granada.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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