Book Review # 66

Vagrancy in Birds

Authors: Alexander Lees and James Gilroy

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Published: Dec. 2021

Pages: 400

Brief Review:

There are so many factors that make different species of birds become vagrants. While other birds remain as migrants with a definied destiny following their instincts.

The authors did a tremendous study and made things a lot clearer..

  • Vagrancy though compass errors.
  • Vagrancy by wind drift
  • Vagrancy by overshooting
  • Vagrancy by extreme weather and irruptions
  • Vagrancy an Natural dispersal
  • Human driven vagrancy
  • Consequences of vagrancy fo species and Ecosystems

All of these points are explained in detail in clear and comprehensive manner. It makes a lot more sense for all the questions that one has, why this or that happens?

This book has a  large quantity of information about species that have wandered around in the world classified by families.

It certainly has a section about:

Avian Vagrancy in an era of Global Change.

I believe it’s one book to make you think of why birds are found all over the world, also, are they related from  all know locations?

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz –

March 28th, 2022

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