Special Places # 58

B & W Photos

1 – Top Left – First tier: Stone wall and birch tree., New Jersey.

2 – Top Left – Second tier: Under the pier on the beach, Panama Beach, Florida.

2 – Top Right : Rock formation in eroded Devil’s Garden Pk. Escalante, Utah.

4 – Middle Left: Arch formed of rock in Bryce National Park, Utah.

5 – Middle Right – First tier: Little stone shed at edge of frozen water reservoir, Boonton. New Jersey.

6 – Middle Right – Second tier: The rough, strong trunk of a tree in a field. Morris County, New Jersey.

7 – Middle Right – Third tier: Scene of of a rocky bed in drought season, Alabama.

8 Bottom Left: Scene shot on the way to Capitol Reef N.Pk. Utah.

9 – Bottom Right: Watching the reflection of the woods from across the pond. New Jersey.

Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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