Red Art Gallery – Northern Cardinal # 61

Northern Cardinal (Male)
Northern Cardinal (Male)

Northern Cardinal (Female)
Northern Cardinal (Female)

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

3 thoughts on “Red Art Gallery – Northern Cardinal # 61

  1. Really love that capture of the handsome male!

    Question about your seed ‘plate’, is it nailed to your railing or laying freely? I assumed nailed because I can imagine the birds tipping it accidentally if it wasn’t. I was thinking of putting out something like that at the far end of my deck for railing photos. 🙂

    • For some years I used baked clay saucers and they were not nailed, I wasted a lot of money buying them… daily. Not very long ago I found the same size saucers made of plastic and I used them screwed to the wood. I no longer have to buy them. Unless the squirrels destroy them chewing on them, but not that often. 🙂

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