Special Places # 49

B & W and Sepia Photography

1 – Top Left – First tier: Solitary wooden bench at the edge of a lake. Somewhere in Georgia.

2 – Top Left – Second tier: The Patriarchs are three neighboring sandstone peaks on the west side of Zion Canyon. Each is named after biblical fathers. From left to right (south to north) they are Abraham Peak, Isaac Peak, and Jacob Peak. Abraham Peak is the tallest at 6,890 feet. The white top of Jacob Peak rises behind the orange rock of Mount Moroni. The Patriarchs were named by Frederick Vining Fisher, a Methodist minister who ventured into Zion in 1916, labeling numerous prominent points in Zion Canyon. He decided to name these three peaks after Old Testament daddies, and the titles stuck.

3 – Top Right: An old pier (No longer existent) at White Meadow Lake in New Jersey. The new snow creates a contrasting effect to make this shot dramatic and cold.

4 – Bottom Left: This shot was made between a long corridor among buildings quarters for research workers.

5 – Bottom Right – Upper tier: Winter time in north New Jersey. The lake is totally frozen and temperatures were real low. However, our hero is the tree, standing up to the wind.

6 – Bottom Right – Lower tier: Water in motion always makes a good subject for a photograph, no matter the temperature at the moment.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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