Special Places # 42


1 – Top Left: Yellow Iris.

2 – Top Right: Pink Azalea.

3 – Bottom First: Purple Crepe Myrtle.

4 – Bottom Second: Purple Iris.

5 – Bottom Third: White Rhododendron.

6 – Bottom Fourth: Red Azalea.

Note: These flowers are from my garden.

Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

18 thoughts on “Special Places # 42

    • On Friday I had the operation of my right eye, this time for a cataract. The operation was a success but my eye’s pressure went up and that would mean that something was wrong. With medicines they controlled down and they let me go. So far I’m getting better by the hour, I’m avoiding the computer because I’m very sensitive to light. Thank you, Donna, for your concern. ❀️ 😎

  1. Beautiful flowers HJ, they are glorious ! Also how are you going HJ with your eye my friend ? It has been a rough time for you, and I know how difficult it can be as I navigate my own journey. Praying you will come through this with renewed sight.

    • I’m totally tired of the operations! I need one more. It’s a painful, delicate process. I can’t wait to be over with. I do not do much of anything now. Thank you my friend. Take care. πŸ™‚

  2. Just before I saw your note at the end, I was going to ask are these from your garden?!?! Absolutely beautiful. No wonder so many birds love to come to you, HJ… What an inviting and beautiful yard!!

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