Special Places # 18

Photo Art by H.J. Ruiz

Photo Gallery

1 – Top Left: Scene of farm fields and windmill on site in Pennsylvania. History: Connecticut inventor Daniel Halladay set to work to solve the problem, and in 1854 he constructed the first model of the practical wind-powered pump seen across Kansas and other parts of the Great Plains. It could both turn and regulate its speed to avoid being destroyed by an extremely high wind. Before long, the windmill was a common fixture on farms, drawing water for cattle and making livestock ownership possible in the relatively dry areas of the West.

2 – Top Right: Lifesaver at lagoon in The Bahamas on guard for all swimmers on the beach.

3 – Middle Left: Matching windows flowers in front of house. Clinton, New Jersey.

4 – Middle Right -Top: View of salt marsh in Tybee Island, Georgia.

5 – Middle Right – Bottom: Section of old canal in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

6 – Bottom : Old Cemetery in a sunny day after snow overnight. Rockaway, New Jersey.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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