Photography of Birds – Set # 277

Set # 277

European Starling

European Starling
European Starling

The closest relation of the common starling is the spotless starling. The non-migratory spotless starling may be descended from a population of ancestral S. vulgaris that survived in an Iberian refugium during an Ice Age retreat, and mitochondrial gene studies suggest that it could be considered a subspecies of the common starling. There is more genetic variation between common starling populations than between the nominate common starling and the spotless starling. Although common starling remains are known from the Middle Pleistocene, part of the problem in resolving relationships in the Sturnidae is the paucity of the fossil record for the family as a whole.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

The BlueJay occupies a variety of habitats within its large range, from the pine woods of Florida to the spruce-fir forests of northern Ontario. It is less abundant in denser forests, preferring mixed woodlands with oaks and beeches. It has expertly adapted to human activity, occurring in parks and residential areas, and can adapt to wholesale deforestation with relative ease if human activity creates other means for the jays to get by.

Important note to all my friends that follow my Blog:

Starting May 1st, 2021, I will be posting only three day per week.

  • SUNDAYS – SPECIAL PLACES – National Parks, Photo Art, Panoramic Photos, Waterfalls and Cascades, Flowers, Butterflies and insects, Animals, Etc, Etc. Photo Art by H. J. Ruiz.
  • WEDNESDAYS – ALL ABOUT BIRDS – From my backyard as well as other places.

The reason for this rearranging of my daily schedule, I prefer not to disclose at the moment, but I have made the decision to make a change already. This will help me attend other matters of great importance.

I hope that all of you will understand my situation and continue to visit my blog where I made many friends from all over the world, that I treasure very much. Remember the days scheduled above and hope to see you always!

Thank You’all.

H.J. Ruiz

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