Book Review # 64

Flight Identification of European Passerines and Selected Landbirds

An illustrated and photographic guide


Tomasz Cofta


Princeton University Press – ISBN:9780691177571 

This interesting illustrated guide has been written by author Tomasz Cofta, he is an experienced professional  in the field of Ornithology. He is based in Gdansk, Poland. But his work  has brought him to Asia, Africa, and through Europe, ringing passerines.

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Many of the illustrations are made by him for this guide. You can find in this book of 496 pages, 850 illustrations, 2400 photos of species in flight which are mostly passerines from Europe (205) and 32 near-passerines.

The format for descriptions and important information about every species is concise and precise:

  • Name
  • Scientiphic name
  • Size
  • Structure and shape
  • Coloration
  • Flight
  • Flock
  • Calls

This guide is well structured, comprehensive and shows photos or illustration of the passerines with from every angle in order to identify the bird in question. Quite smart way to leave no doubt seeking ID.

Reviewed by:
H.J. Ruiz – April 6th, 2021

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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