Photography of Birds – Set # 252

Set # 252

House Finch (M)

House Finch (M)

House Finch (M)

House Finches forage on the ground or in vegetation normally. They primarily eat grains, seeds and berries, being voracious consumers of weed seeds such as nettle and dandelion; included are incidental small insects such as aphids. They are frequent visitors to bird feeders throughout the year, particularly if stocked with sunflower or nyjer seed, and will congregate at hanging nyjer sock feeders. The house finch is known to damage orchard fruit and consume commercially grown grain, but is generally considered an annoyance rather than a significant pest.

Purple Finch (F)

Purple Finch (F)

Purple Finch (F)

The Purple Finches species and the other “American rosefinches” were formerly included with the rosefinches of Eurasia in the genus Carpodacus; however, the three North American species are not closely related to the rosefinches of the Old World, and have thus been moved to the genus Haemorhous by most taxonomic authorities.
It is included in the finch family, Fringillidae, which is made up of passerine birds found in the northern hemisphere, Africa, and South America. The purple finch was originally described by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in 1789.
There are two subspecies of the purple finch, H. p. purpureus and H. p. californicus. H. p. californicus was identified by Spencer F. Baird in 1858. It differs from the nominate subspecies in that it has a longer tail and shorter wings. The plumage of both males and females is darker, and the coloration of the females is more greenish. The bill of H. p. californicus is also longer than that of the nominate subspecies.

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11 thoughts on “Photography of Birds – Set # 252

    • You’d be surprise, how many people do not like or don’t care about birds or animals. They are people for the people…period.
      Thanks, my friend for being a Nature people and a good friend πŸ™‚

  1. I liked seeing both your finch species today, HJ. Always a joy to have the finches singing and cavorting around our backyards. Your house finch photo is stunning.

    • Thanks so much, Jet. For caring for birds, animals and Nature in general. I appreciate every word of your comments. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing more about your finches HJ, they are very cute little birds and very resilient. Our finches are one of our best surviving birds in hot dry the desert of Australia, and are the most studied of birds by modern ornithologists.

    • They really are! Very adaptable to all seasons whether are cold or hot. Thank you, Ashley. For sharing. πŸ™‚

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