Book Review # 62 – Birds of Argentina

Birds of Argentina

And the South-West Atlantic


Mark Pearman and Juan Ignacio Areta


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

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The authors, Mark Pearman and Juan Ignacio Areta are the creators of this book, being the only up to date English language guide to the birds of Argentina and the islands of the Southwest Atlantic.
It’s a straight forward guide where you find descriptions of 1075 species of birds including, their location areas, whether they are residents, endemics, migrants and vagrants. There are 2300 images, 200 plates of birds illustrated by professional artists: Aldo Chiappe, Jorge Rodriguez Mata, Richard Johnson and Alan Harris.
This 480 pages guide has a great deal of information for the English speaking Ornithologists, Birders or any person interested to learn about the avian status in Argentina.
Reviewed by:
H.J. Ruiz – February 5th, 2021

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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