Book Review # 60 – Birds of Maine

Birds of Maine


Peter D. Vickery – Illustrated by Lars Jonsson and Barry Van Dusen


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

“This wonderful book is the life work of author Peter D. Vickery (1949-2017) He dedicated his life to the study of birds in the State of Maine.

More Info

The 642 page book has a whole amount of information and describes hundreds of birds, in a detailed style for easy comprehension and learning. With the help of:
  • Tables
  •  Maps
  • Sidebars
Many points of interest are touched, such as:
  • Maine’s role in bird conservation
  • Concerns for Maine birds.
Maine’s Topography
  1. Topography and Geology
  2. Climate.
  3. Land use.
  4. Special interactions.
  5. The Eco-regions of Maine.
  6. The Gulf of Maine.
Range maps, Species account outline, Migration tracking maps.
There are 23 Species accounts with their subdivisions described in detail.
There are many superb paintings by Lars Jonsson and wonderful drawings by Barry Van Dusen; along with many color photographs.
Mr. Vickery hard work brought us plenty of data, a compilation to study and utilize in this time when Nature in general, needs our attention for future generations”.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – October 31th, 2020

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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