Photography of Birds – Set # 158

Set # 158

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

In recent years, Canada goose populations in some areas have grown substantially, so much so that many consider them pests for their droppings, bacteria in their droppings, noise, and confrontational behavior. This problem is partially due to the removal of natural predators and an abundance of safe, man-made bodies of water near food sources, such as those found on golf courses, in public parks and beaches, and in planned communities. Due in part to the interbreeding of various migratory subspecies with the introduced nonmigratory giant subspecies, Canada geese are frequently a year-around feature of such urban environments.

Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

All Muscovy ducks have long claws on their feet and a wide, flat tail. In the domestic drake (male), length is about 86 cm (34 in) and weight is 4.6–6.8 kg (10–15 lb), while the domestic hen (female) is much smaller, at 64 cm (25 in) in length and 2.7–3.6 kg (6.0–7.9 lb) in weight. Large domesticated males often weigh up to 8 kg (18 lb), and large domesticated females up to 5 kg (11 lb).

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11 thoughts on “Photography of Birds – Set # 158

  1. Not far from my home, there are a few man-made lakes which sadly have too many flying bomb squadrons as I call the Canada Goose.

    As a kid in Michigan, they were a nasty mess on the lawn on the lake we lived on. I can even hear them passing over my home too. Noisy, messy, aggressive birds!

  2. The Canada Geese are beautiful and I hope when people see them as pests they also see how humans caused the problem, and not the geese.

    On my grandparents’ farm there were dozens of domesticated Muscovy’s (they don’t occur naturally in South Africa and we call them “Makou” in Afrikaans) and the one thing I still remember about them is that you always had to be ready to run for your life whenever you came too close to a nest!

    • You’re right about the Canada Geese.
      The Muscovy’s are big ducks and very strong, I wouldn’t mess with them. You have to remember they have long claws in their feet. Thank you, D. for your comments. 🙂

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