Photography of Birds – Set # 126

Set # 126

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

They forage actively in trees or shrubs, mainly eating insects, insect eggs and spiders. They may hover over foliage while snatching prey (gleaning), or fly to catch insects in flight (hawking).
The tail is often held upright while defending territory or searching for food.

Eastern Towhee (Juv.)

Eastern Towhee (Juv.)

Eastern Towhee (Juv.)

Adults have rufous sides, a white belly, and a long dark tail with white edges. The eyes are red, white for birds in the southeast. Males have a black head, upper body, and tail; these parts are brown in the female. Juveniles are brown overall. Eastern towhees of all ages and both sexes generally are unmistakable and are not known to co-exist with the similar western spotted towhee.

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9 thoughts on “Photography of Birds – Set # 126

    • It’s a juvenile, the fledglings in both sexes have brown color feathers which they change to their respective colors, black for males and brown for females. Thank you, Jane. πŸ™‚

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