Photography of Birds – Set # 123

Set # 123

Red-winged Blackbird (M)

Red-winged Blackbird (M)

Red-winged Blackbird (M)

Young birds resemble the female, but are paler below and have buff feather fringes. Both sexes have a sharply pointed bill. The tail is of medium length and is rounded. The eyes, bill, and feet are all black. Unlike most North American passerines, which develop their adult plumage in their first year of life, so that the one-year-old and the oldest individual are indistinguishable in the breeding season, the sergeant thrush does not. it acquires until after the breeding season of the year following its birth, when it is between thirteen and fifteen months of age. Young males go through a transition stage in which the wing spots have an orange coloration before acquiring the most intense tone typical of adults.

European Starling

European Starling

European Starling

The European Starling has about 12 subspecies breeding in open habitats across its native range in temperate Europe and across the Palearctic to western Mongolia, and it has been introduced to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Fiji. This bird is resident in western and southern Europe and southwestern Asia, while northeastern populations migrate south and west in the winter within the breeding range and also further south to Iberia and North Africa.

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