Photography of Birds – Set # 119

Set # 119

Eastern Towhee (Juvenile)

Eastern Towhee (Juv.)

Eastern Towhee (Juv.)

Although eastern towhees generally prefer young successional sites, variation between habitat types and years has been observed. Krementz and Powell found higher relative abundance of eastern towhee in young (2–6 years old) stands of loblolly and longleaf pine than mature (32–98 years old) stands when investigated in 1995. However, in stands compared in 1996, the 95% confidence intervals of eastern towhee relative abundance on the 2 sites had a substantial degree of overlap. The degree to which eastern towhee responds to succession is influenced by habitat.

Common Grackle (Juvenile)

Common Grackle (Juv.)

Common Grackle (Juv.)

Adult females, beyond being smaller, are usually less iridescent; their tails in particular are shorter, and unlike the males, do not keel (display a longitudinal ridge) in flight and are brown with no purple or blue gloss. Juveniles are brown with dark brown eyes.

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