Book Review # 58 – Understanding Bird Behavior

Understanding Bird Behavior

An illustrated guide to what birds do and why


Wenfei Tong – With a foreword by Ben C. Sheldon


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

Reading this guide written by Wenfei Tong, I realized how similar and intricate is social life for different bird species, as much as our own social humans.
Bird’s behavior is explained as it touches different factors such as:

More Info.

  • Birds finding food
  • Birds in a social life
  • Birds when is time for courtship
  • Birds in a family life
  • Birds dealing with danger and predators
  • Birds coping with climate
Author Wenfei Tong describes every situation in a comprehensive way, using precise samples of birds that the reader immediately will get the proper information of the chapter in question. All these, accompanied of amazing color illustrations and photos in a total of 150. This guide is a hard cover 224 pages. 
I found this guide to be interesting, since I am always observing and photographing birds, I also pay great attention to their fascinating behavior.
Reviewed by:
H.J. Ruiz – August 17th, 2020

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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