Photography of Birds – Set # 42

Set # 42

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

The brown pelican is a very gregarious bird; it lives in flocks of both sexes throughout the year.In level flight, brown pelicans fly in groups, with their heads held back on their shoulders and their bills resting on their folded necks. They may fly in a V formation, but usually in regular lines or single file, often low over the water’s surface. To exclude water from the nasal passage, they have narrower internal regions of the nostrils.




Anhingas swim with their webbed feet and pursue their prey, fish, under water and spear their prey by rapidly stretching out their neck. They come up to handle and swallow fish. Unlike ducks, ospreys and pelicans which coat their feathers with oil from their uropygial gland, the anhinga does not have waterproof feathers. Their feathers get soaked upon immersion in water. Therefore, they cannot stay floating on water for long periods of time. Their dense bones, wetted plumage and neutral buoyancy in water, allows them to fully submerge and search for underwater prey.

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