Book Review # 57 – Bird Love

Bird Love

The Family Life of Birds


Wenfei Tong – With a foreword by Mike Webster


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

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I have enjoyed this book very much. The main reason is the author’s approach, which, I agree 100%. Let’s get to know the bird by knowing how it lives. The points that capture the behaviors and their daily lives are the following:

  • Ecology and Mating Systems
  • Courtship
  • Nests and Eggs
  • Raising Chicks
  • Sex Role Reversals
  • Group Breeding
  • Brood Parasitism

You’ll find out and get to know the bird’s way to see life, very much as humans behave and act. This approach will get you closer to your avian friends, and lead you, to understand how they live. 

This book has 192 pages with 220 gorgeous photos and a wonderful foreword by Mike Webster.

I was very pleased when I finished reading this book, which I recommend to my friends, readers, that visit my blog daily.

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – April 9th, 2020


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