What’s Up? – Short Autumn or Long Winter

Short Autumn or Long Winter

Last week was a good example of bad weather.  We had strong winds blowing very cold air for about three days and then the temperature dropped low the the winds  stopped.  Really crazy weather like we haven’t seen before, at least for any previous autumn.

My grass lawns are dormant now, the trees have no leaves, bushes, shrubs etc. are most devoid of leaves too. My birds are, as far as I can see, doing well. 

Next Tuesday I’ll be getting surgery to my right eye, as scheduled by my eye doctor. This will also put me into uncomfortable situation for a couple of days and then I spect to heal soon since I got the the hung of it with the previous surgery. I’ll not stop posting  pictures to my blog.

I’ll see you later! 😜

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

22 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Short Autumn or Long Winter

  1. Yea, what’s up with this weather? I’m not too far from you and experiencing the same. Lovely photo gallery of birds and that is one cute squirrel. He’s got his stash of seeds in his grip and ready to run! 😉

    Hugs & prayers for another successful surgery and speedy recovery, HJ! Enjoy your rock star status! 😎

  2. Really cute gallery of birds HJ, we are experiencing unusual winds also. Today will be another catastrophic bushfire day due to hot dry winds. Our country is burning up and yours is freezing up. Crazy times these last days, but God has it all in his control, for his purposes. We keep praying for rain relief.🙏

    • You’re right about the weather being so crazy. G-d will listen to your prayers I’m sure. Thank you. my friend. 🙂

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