What’s Up? – Ouch!


Last Friday was the surgery to my left eye. My next surgery day for my right eye will be on December 10.

The operation was good and without event. I asked the doctors, it took 35 minutes exactly. Once at home and the anesthesia not in effect, that’s when the fireworks start! Definitely, trauma is done to the eye. The pain is there but the awful situation of having one eye covered with a patch and trying to see with the other, it simply not so easy, because the patched eye will follow the  movement of the other  eye and move equally, causing more pain yet.

Northern Cardinal

Northern CardinalI


I apologize for not replying any of your comments at this time. I promise to do it as soon as I am able to write. I will catch up with my followers.

Even without the patch (Since Saturday), when I sit at the computer, in just minutes I get a head ache and stress in my eyes.

Thank you for your friendship. I wish you have a great Thanksgiving with your dear family. I’ll continue to post photos daily, though.

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33 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Ouch!

    • My cataracts will be removed next year in March. The surgery I had last Friday was for Pterygium. December 10th, I’ll get surgery to the right eye.
      Thanks, Linda. 🙂

  1. I took it easy but couldn’t resist taking photos the first day I had my patch off, which was the day after the operation.They gave me freezing and something to calm me, which lasted only 1/2 hour and left no after effect. I did wear sunglasses because it was so bright, and there was some aching. My balance was off and my doctor recommended that I remove the lens from my glasses on the operated eye to keep my balance.I was on two eyedrops for two weeks, an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic I still wear glasses because I need reading glasses and had a very slight adjustment to the far-sighted,and this way have the glasses on all the time which is good because I don’t lose them. Compared to before, I have much weaker lenses and see very well.If you are in a lot of pain, see your doctor to make sure all is well Also remember to take it easy and rest because it was surgery after all and takes 5-6 weeks to heal.Best wishes.

    • The surgery I went through last Friday was not to remove the cataract and get the intraocular lens, instead, it was to remove Pterygium (“Surfer eye”) caused by UV rays. The doctor wants to remove it from my eyes one eye at a time. The next surgery will be Dec.10th. Then in March, next year I will have the cataracts removed, etc. Thank you, Jane.

  2. Praying your post op eye pain is diminishing HJ, and that you are feeling and seeing better. I know what eye pain is like, having had both my eyes lasered all the way around and 3 monthly injections into my left eye. I do hope you find rapid improvement soon. Thankfully my Pterygium is not as bad as yours. Praying for a good outcome my friend 🙂

    • I’m feeling much better now that my eye is not so inflamed. My next surgery to the right eye is scheduled for Dec 10th. I can’t wait to get over with it! Thank you very much, my friend. 🙂

  3. I hope you’re well on the mend with your eye surgery, HJ! I’m just getting back to SC from spending our Thanksgiving home up north, so just catching up with you. Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

    • I’m about 80% well, it takes much longer to reach 100%. The next surgery will be on Dec. 10. Thank you very much, my friend. 🙂

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