What’s Up? – Is it Autumn or Winter?

Is it Autumn or Winter?

Last Tuesday we had the last rain and the weather temperature dropped considerably. The coldest morning has been 29ºF so far. and the highest 56ºF in the afternoon.

When I refill the feeders in the morning everything is covered with a thin layer of frost, the water I set for the birds is usually frozen. The  two trees I have  in the front and one side of my house have turned red and the leaves are falling easily.

My local birds are comfortably doing what they do every year at this time, eat and tend their nests. The weather forecasts are saying that our autumn will be more like an early winter!

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

11 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Is it Autumn or Winter?

    • I can’t keep up with the changes! The main thing is that my avian friends keep coming to my backyard. Thanks, Donna. 🙂

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