What’s Up? – Busy week

Busy week

I had a busy week that occupated most of my time. One of them was my visit to the eye doctor for more check ups and planning the surgery to proceed on the first eye. Then I got the date for my eye surgery to the first eye will be on November 22nd and for the second eye on December 8 th.

I’ve been doing many other things not related to my eyes. I wouldn’t want to bore you with.

We’ve had a colder week but with rain and cold breezes almost daily. All children are getting ready for Halloween night on Thursday, 31st. My son Tyler (9) has not decided what kind of costume to wear for that night.

My back yard is mostly wet lately because of the rain…yes, the rain! It has been raining on and off for the past few days, finally! This of course, affects the feeding of the birds, a lot of seeds are being washed away or getting soggy.

Birds still show up. the other day I was having lunch and saw a large group of Brown-headed Cowbirds landing all over next to the feeders. There was a frenzy to eat the most they could in a short time then resume their migration.

I’ve noticed I have a new couple of Northern Mockingbirds nesting in an American Holly tree in the side of my house.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Busy week

  1. Mockingbirds are the best! I’ve been delighted to see a belted kingfisher recently. It’s on the same spot on the wires every time I pass by. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to stop for a photo, but it still makes me happy to see him.

  2. Praying your eye operations go well HJ. I have major eye problems also and get ongoing treatment, so I can empathize with you. My wife and friends think it is amazing I get any good photos since my eye sight is not good.

    • I’m a person that if there’s something wrong with me I have to fix it and keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you for your good wishes, Ashley. 🙂

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