What’s Up? – Cooler days…

Cooler days…

Last Wednesday we had sporadic showers all throughout the day. It wasn’t exactly the way we expected but it did help reclaim many grasses and other vegetation from wilting.

I went to the eye doctor again, because my eyes are continually getting irritated and drying out.  After a battery of tests (Almost 3 hours) they confirmed that I have a case of Cataracts that it’s affecting my vision. I was kind of ready for that and took the decision to get operated. But, the doctor also told me that I have Pterygium that affect both of my eyes. That will have to be operated before the Cataract. Which will be operated a few months later.

What is Pterygium?

The main symptom of surfer’s eye, or pterygium (pronounced tur-IJ-ee-um), is a growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the conjunctiva, the clear tissue that lines your eyelids and covers your eyeball. It usually forms on the side closest to your nose and grows toward the pupil area.

The growth might spread slowly during your life or stop after a certain point. In extreme cases, it can cover your pupil and cause vision problems.

The growth could show up in one eye or both. When it affects both, it’s known as a bilateral pterygium.

Though it isn’t usually a serious condition, it can cause annoying symptoms. You might feel like you have something in your eye. Or it may get red and irritated and require medical or surgical treatment. You might also feel self-conscious because people may ask you about your eye being red all the time.

The things that make you most likely to get it include:

What are the causes?

  • Lots of exposure to ultraviolet light (like from the sun)
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritants like dust and wind

You’re most likely to get it if you live near the equator and you’re a man between 20 and 40. But it can affect anyone who lives in a sunny place.

About my backyard:

Not only we had rain, weather temperature dropped to 42ºF on Thursday morning. I had to wear a light jacket. 

The local birds were all out, happily flitting in the trees…or hiding in the trees while the Cooper’s Hawk is near the feeders. 

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16 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Cooler days…

  1. Stunning shots, HJ! Very glad to hear you got some rain, and very very sorry to hear about your eyes’ conditions. Thoughts and prayers, my friend, for speedy recoveries on both surgeries when they each occur.

  2. I’ve never heard of Pterygium, despite living here on the Gulf coast where the surf’s not so good but surfers abound. Not only that, I’ve spent thirty years working on the water — I may be lucky I missed out on it, even though I did develop cataracts. The cataract surgery was a breeze, and what a difference it made! Not only did my vision become sharper, colors became brighter, too — good for a birder!

    • Although I was never a surfer I loved the beach very much and have been to many places where the UV rays are very strong, and conditions were not the greatest for the eyes. Anyway, I need to get this done before I go for the cataracts removal. Thank you, Linda. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about your troubles, as well as thinking how wonderful it is that we can do something about it. I am still thrilled at the results of my cataract surgery. Have patience and enjoy the results!

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