What’s Up? – Gradually out of Summer

Gradually out of Summer

We don’t have any rain in our path according to the weather forecast. However, at least the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees lower than what we had all along the summer and part of autumn. We are also seeing a quick turn of leaves color and breezy winds helping undress trees from leaves.

I’ve seen more birds at the feeders since the temperature dropped. I guess they might feel more comfortable to be longer exposed to the sun. I was very happy to see an Eastern Phoebe in my backyard again. My Carolina Chickadees are extremely busy taking seeds to their hidden  storages. Many Mourning Doves are always bunching up  by the feeders.

My Northern Cardinals are there too, they are the most numerous locals and main attendees at the feeders (Depicted only every Saturday). The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are still around! The Eastern Towhees are very active and even eating at the feeders (They are birds that prefer eating on the ground). House Finches are also locals and are also frequent attendees at the feeders.

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

13 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Gradually out of Summer

  1. I’m sitting here right now watching the clouds associated with our first front of the year rolling in. Are we excited? Oh, yes, we are! It may get down to 65 degrees tonight. Even if it only dips to 68 or 70, it will be a joy, especially if the humidity drops.

    • It really feels good to have a break from the many hot and muggy days. for sure. I hope that your weather change to a more comfortable one. Thanks, Linda. 🙂

  2. Nice selection of birds. Here in Alberta, I am seeing black-capped Chickadees, Blue jays, black-eyed Juncos, Crows, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers and the Robins are gathering into groups, as are the Canada Geese.

  3. Your bird supermarket is a real hit with the locals HJ, it is good you are able to help them prepare for your cold winters. Our birds are more aggressive and it is better we don’t feed our wild birds, but just provide water as there is plenty for them to eat in the wild, if we attract them with food they become dependent and then aggressive and sometimes destructive if we start to withdraw.

    • There are different versions about this matter, If humans are building cities and converting open fields, swamps and woods into concrete highways, roads and Malls. The birds would starve. Do you see my point? Each of us is doing what it’s necessary to solve either problem. 🙂

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