What’s Up? – Not enough water…

Not enough water…

Our weather is short of mercy  to us, with their high temperatures and languid periods of rain. We need longer rains, enough to soak the soil and revitalize the plants and trees. A drought is not just a simple thing, day by day the soil gets harder and arid, if the plants do not get the much needed water which is basic for the growth many species of plants  will eventually die. Let’s hope that we won’t get to that point.

My birds are managing very well all the inconvenience, for what I can see. Their appetite hasn’t changed a bit.

My wife told me that she saw a Cooper’s Hawk going under the deck. He goes in there because the E. Towhees, Song Sparrows , C. Wrens and Brown Thrashers love to get seeds that fall through the wooden floor of the deck. It’s going to be very dificult to get a prey there. The birds have many exits to escape.

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