What’s Up? – We need some rain!

We need some rain!

My son Tyler (9) is on a week vacation from school, most of the times we  visited  Florida. 

Not this time , we have important appointments with Doctors .My wife Lucy has a complete check-up every 6 months. Tyler has appointment with a Pediatric  Ophthalmologist.

I have appointment with an Ophthalmologist too. We have to be in town for our appointments.  I gave Tyler a Canon Rebel -T1i camera with a  zoom lens 55-250 mm to try and learn how to use it.  He was excited about it. He did well but he needs some practice yet.

We went to a nice place yesterday that has a great area to enjoy contact with Nature, once there we had a picnic and ate our meals al fresco. It was sunny and bright and the temperature was at mid 80’s and there was a soothing breeze that made things perfect. On the other hand we noticed immediately, the river was almost dry. The lack of rain was evident.I hope this drought ends soon!

Photo Gallery

In my backyard I have to be careful with my plants and I water them with a hose. 

My birds are not many but they come to eat their seeds. The weather must be tough for them too!

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “What’s Up? – We need some rain!

  1. We are experiencing similar to you HJ, we have had drought for 4 years, worse one yet and it has affected rivers, dams, birds and trees. We pray for rain also, and had some the other day but need much more. Lovely you all had family time in your natural heritage it is so refreshing and good for us all.

    • Wow! Four years of drought! Of course, it’s going to affect the whole environment! I hope that we won’t have to get to any extreme situation and we get some rain soon. Thank you, Ashley. Take care, my friend. 🙂

  2. Beautiful shots, HJ, I love the Carolina Chickadee! 🙂 Maybe Tyler will get to post some of his photos with yours for us to see one day soon? Nice camera gift! So sorry to hear still no rain for your area. 😦

    • Tyler needs to get used to the camera yet. His previous camera was a point and shoot. We’ll have to wait a bit longer. Thank you, Donna. 🙂

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