What’s Up? – Phew, what a relief!

Phew, what a relief!

All our worries about having a hurricane near us in Georgia is gone, the premise simply fizzled out.  We all hoped for hurricane Dorian to veer toward the ocean and it became reality. The hurricane affected the coast of Georgia, mostly in form of sea surges, with no severe consequences and moved forward along the coast to South Carolina where it was rougher and destructive.

We must not forget the people in the Bahamas, that suffered tremendous devastation and loss of lives. I immediately got in touch with my friends of Rolling Harbour based in Abaco, Bahamas.  They’re safe, as a matter of fact, they have posted on their site all kinds of important information pertaining to all the official ways to help, locate people, and many other organizations in reference to the devastation caused by hurricane Dorian. Please, give them a visit.

Our family sincerely thank you for all the concern messages from my friends. G-d bless you!

We’ve had over one week without rain and high temperatures over 90ºF, and high humidity to make it even more uncomfortable to everyone. The lack of water is making the grass yellow, some bushes and plants are getting wilted. I use tap water to keep our favorite plants, shrubs, etc. but I can not water all of them!
My birds are as always, adapting to the hot summer the best they can. I make sure they have their water and seeds every day.

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12 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Phew, what a relief!

  1. Thanks so much for this post – very kind and thoughtful of you to draw attention to the dire situation on Abaco / Grand Bahama on your blog – and to give a link to my ‘relief advice / how you can help’ post. There’s a massive recovery / evacuation effort now in place that was not even possible in the first few days. Recovery will take many many months – or years perhaps – in the worst hit areas eg the main (= only) town. But the people are resilient and resourceful, and the relief agencies and personnel are amazing. Thank you again. RH

    • I wanted to help my friends in the Bahamas, I’ve been there a couple of times and I was given lots of friendship and wonderful joy. I felt that I could help at least making mention of your site and pass the word about ways that the public could help the victims of the hurricane. Take care, RH.

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