Book Review # 54 – Oceanic Birds of the World

Oceanic Birds of the World

A Photo Guide

Author (s):

N.G. Howell

Kirk Zufelt


Princeton University Press

Brief Review:

The authors of this Photo Guide traveled to many remote places all over the world, gathering information and photographing seabirds. After over a decade they created a Photo Guide: 360 pages, 368 color plates plus 114 maps.

More info.

Its content is concise accounts of seabirds from all parts of the world.  The seabirds are actually sorted by groups such as:

  • Penguins
  • Alcids
  • Diving Petrels
  • Petrels
  • Albatrosses
  • Storm Petrels
  • Tropicbirds
  • Frigatebirds
  • Gannets and Boobies
  • Skuas and Jaegers
  • Gulls and Terns
  • Phalaropes

Other subjects related to the seabirds are explained in this book: The importance of molting, Taxonomy, Identifying seabirds at sea also about Conservation in general. 

 It always has been a challenge for me to identify the seabird species properly. Personally, with guides as  Oceanic Birds of the World, opens up the path to learn more about it and clarify some doubts.



H.J. Ruiz – – August 30th, 2019

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