What’s Up? – Plenty of work in my backyard

Plenty  of work in my backyard

I’ve been very busy in my backyard lately, trimming bushes, shrubs and now I’m working on trimming trees that are getting growing too large, they are not letting any sunlight through, there’s too much shade fprovided by trees but it prevents the grass and plants  to grow.properly. 

Having the trees too large it’s making my photo backgrounds dark and contrasty. I’ll try to trim the most I’m able to the long branches that droop too low. The problem to do work outside is, whatever you do has to  take only a short time because the heat gets unbearable!

I also want too work on the deck and prepare it for staining. The wood will need plenty of sanding for sure.

My birds have to brave the heat and the predators, this week I saw a Cooper’s Hawk chasing some birds, and I’ve seen a black cat that it’s becoming a regular stalker of the birds.

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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