What’s Up? – Summer Time

Summer Time

My son Tyler (9) went back to School after a busy vacation time ( Camp, Movies, Jumping Games, Water Slides, Swimming Pool and many Birthday Parties of friends). He’s in 4th Grade now.

We had some days with strong storms and heavy rains, but nothing so terrible. The actual weather temperature is typical for summers in Georgia.

Among the birds that visit my backyard, there are many that are still under the process of molting, I avoid showing their pictures under those conditions when they don’t look so well. But, some other birds have completed the process already and look great.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

10 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Summer Time

  1. This just occurred to me, and made me laugh. Maybe the teenaged years are the human equivalent of molting! I can’t believe Tyler’s back in school already, although even here a start in August is common. After growing up with summer defined by Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s hard to adjust my thinking.

    • In Georgia, the students go back to school on the first day of August. He was very excited to see his friends.
      Thank you, Linda. 🙂

  2. Great that your son is enjoying life and had a wonderful vacation. HJ😊 Some of our birds are moulting into breeding plumage early as our winter is so mild this year. They do look sick but it is only appearance thankfully and they are doing well.

    • Yes, the birds are well but only not looking their best at the moment. Molting is a natural process. Thank you, Ashley for sharing and enjoy your mild winter. 🙂

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